Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Still Dave the Bone Wanker

I hate myself because I'm a closet homosexual and I love to be man-handled by dark, hairy men -- especially Muslim men.

Yes, I'm an infidel, but I pretend to be a Muslim so that I can get close to smelly desert-dwelling butt pirates.

I have learned one thing for sure in my life, most Muslim men are open to gayness behind closed doors. This pleases me immensely. I'll pitch or catch. I don't care. I love it all.

More later.

I have a gerbil caught in my you-know-what and I have to free him or I won't be able to sit (shit) for a week!

Catch more about me from my fake personality blog: Malung TV News (and butt pirate anecdotes).

Ta ta girls!